History of APPG for Valproate and other AEDs in Pregnancy

A brief insight into the history of the APPG

In 2013 INFACT were invited by the then Chair Alec Shellbrooke MP to join the already long established APPG for Thalidomide which was subsequently renamed the APPG for Thalidomide and other harmful drugs. Prior to this there was no representation for Valproate in any APPG.

In 2015 we had gained enough support in Parliament to establish our own APPG which was named APPG for AEDs in Pregnancy with our chair being Theresa Pearce MP.

In 2016 Theresa Pearce stepped down as chair. We had worked closely with Norman Lamb MP since 2014 through his position as Minister for care and support in the then coalition government and were delighted when he agreed to our invitation to become chair, changing the name once more to Valproate and Other AEDs in Pregnancy.

https://infactuk.com/appg-for-anti-epileptic-drugs-in-pregnancy/APPG - INFACT - FACSA

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