About In-FACT


‘Independent Fetal Anti Convulsant Trust’

In-FACT (Independent Fetal Anti Convulsant Trust) was formed in November 2012 by Emma Murphy and Janet Williams. Both have children affected and diagnosed by the exposure to Sodium Valproate (Epilim).



In-FACT has been set up for the purpose of giving relief and assistance to all persons whose disablilities were caused by the fact that their mother took an Anti Convulsant drug during pregnancy to treat her condition.

To support, by means of payments to the beneficiaries to help with the cost of care, welfare, treatment/education supporting them with their injuries

With intentions to pay sums of money to help and support submitted through Government or Pharmaceutical Company donations

The Trusts ( Reg no 1162441) work entails providing long term support for those affected by Anti Convulsant medications during pregnancy, and working with a wide range of professionals and organisations in raising awareness of Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome (FACS) within Government and Health Agencies



The Thalidomide Campaign Team
Mikey Argy MBE

Thalidomide Campaign team


Prof Jill Clayton Smith Consultant Clinical Geneticist
Dr Peter Turnpenny Consultant Clinical Geneticist
Dr Rebecca Bromley Chartered Psychologist

Westminster Feb 2013

To  register details on the INFACT National Database simply click REGISTER. Once registered your details will be kept on file with INFACT and kept private and confidential as always.



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