“Supporting Inspirational and Independant People”

INFACT provides information, advice and support to anyone that has taken Anti Epileptic Drugs (AEDs) in Pregnancy and are concerned it may have affected the foetus during pregnancy.  We also provide information to parents, carers and Health Professionals

We are the National Campaign Group for Sodium Valproate representing all persons in the UK.   The trusts work entails providing long term support for those affected, working with a wide range of professionals and organisations in raising awareness of Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome within Government and Health Agencies

FACSA are our sister organisation and the only support group associated with INFACT

In 2013 INFACT gained its charitable status. The charity is legally a company registered by guarantee (no. 9075755) in England and Wales, and a charity (no 1162441) registered in England and Wales, though the charity operates across the UK and globally.



 About the Founders

Janet Williams and Emma Murphy founded INFACT in 2012 after the collapse of Product Liability Litigation against Sanofi. The leading solicitor at the time advised to set up a Trust running a Parliamentary Campaign.  Their aim was to represent affected families in the UK and implement change with regards to the prescribing of Sodium Valproate and to ensure justice for those affected by the medicine.  Nearly 6 years on……. they have achieved just that.

Both Janet and Emma have children affected and diagnosed with Fetal Valproate Syndrome



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